Beatrice, our lovely and dainty lady, is a true Yorkshire princess. With her soft, silky coat and captivating eyes, she captures hearts wherever she goes. Her gentle and nurturing nature makes her the perfect mother, always tending to her little ones with utmost care and affection. She passes on her graceful presence and loving spirit to her adorable offspring, ensuring they inherit her regal charm.
Hope, another one of our delightful doggy divas, is a bundle of playful energy. With her perky ears and wagging tail, she spreads joy and excitement wherever she prances. Hope's zest for life is contagious, and her puppies are bound to inherit her vibrant personality and infectious happiness. As a devoted mother, Hope watches over her little ones with a watchful eye, encouraging them to explore and embrace life's adventures.
Carmine is our handsome stud. He steals hearts with his striking coat of golden and silver hues. Carmine embodies the epitome of Yorkshire Terrier charm, with his confident stance and loving demeanor. He passes on his good looks and charisma to his puppies, ensuring that they have that irresistible appeal that Yorkshire Terriers are known for.